Episode 2 – Wimbledon (the movie), Mad Max and men who knit, Kingsman, and a coda of Bucky Barnes feels…

Welcome to the second episode of Our Friday Call. This week Lazulus and theoscarcat chat the Paul Bettany movie “Wimbledon”, express unpopular opinions about male knitters off the back of Fury Road, finally watch Kingsman, and fall into a conversation about Bucky Barnes and male characters women relate to.

Good times.


Download here.


The Guard and Red by Andavs (Teen Wolf Sterek Teen)

A Little Honey & A Little Sun by Kvikindi (Captain America MCU Stucky Teen)

(760): I literally cut myself out of my pants. Waste. Of. Money. by Relenafanel (Captain America MCU Stucky Mature)

Inopportune Moments series by Calico and Habernero (Kingsman Hartwin Explicit)

As Men to Fear the Dark by Proxydialogue (Kingsman Harwin Explicit)


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