Episode 6 – Galavant!

This month is an all singing, all dancing episode of Our Friday Call as we discuss the wonderful world of Galavant!


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This month Jaq recced:

Ain’t No Grave (can keep my body down) by Spitandvinegar (podfic here) (Captain America: Winter Soldier Stucky)
Negotiable by Eyebrowofdoom (podfic here) (James Bond/Q)
The Cyborg arm job by Copperbadge (Captain America/Leverage crossover)
This month Katie Recced:
This, you protect by owlet (Captain America Stucky)
The Bucky Barnes Guide to Household Management by cryptohomorocker (Captain America Stucky)
 Next month! By which I mean later this month (honest!) we’ll be talking about… Civil War!
Finally! We wore fan tee shirts and everything. 😉