Episode 7 – Captain America Civil War

SPOILER ALERT! – This month we are talking about everything Civil War. We both really loved it, but be warned, there wasn’t as much as squeeing as we expected there to be.

We also talk about kidfic, recs, and why we really should do a Due South episode at some point in the future.


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This month we recced:

Out of the Dead Land by Emilyenrose (Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes NC17)

Leader of the Free World by Copperbadge (Avengers Gen pg13) plus the amazing promo photo from some thing Jeremy Renner did.)

Audio commentary track with Steve Rogers also by Copperbadge (Captain America Gen pg13)

House Proud by Astolat (Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy Mature)

Makes Three by Waldorph (Due South Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski NC17)

Ten things to get used to by Speranza (Due South Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski NC17) which I was going to rec anyway, but which we got completely confused with Four Virtues which is also by Speranza (also Benton/Ray K NC17), and is the one where Ray ends up getting a research job. but hey they are both fantastic stories so treat yourself and read both. 😉

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Next month… actually I don’t know what we’ll be talking about next month! But I bet it will be fun. 🙂