Episode 3 – Making things, and big load of recs

Welcome to the third episode of Our Friday Call. This month Lazulus and theoscarcat have been out and about – first to a yarn festival – Fibre East, and then for their annual pilgrimage to the Festival of Quilts, where they promptly ignore the quilts, and go buy fabric instead.

Good times.


Download here.

Knitting Recs:

Fibre East

Ravelry – aka the mothership

Want to learn to knit? If you can’t find a knitter to teach you, then youtube is your friend.

Understanding Varigated Yarns – skeinyarn.com

Hand-dyed yarn and the importance of alternating skeins – skeinyarn.com

Katie’s knitting Ashburn by Melanie Berg

Jaq often knits Clapotis by Kate Gilbert


My Life in Knitwear


Sewing Recs:

Festival of Quilts

The Eternal Maker – where we spend the vast majority of our money at the show

The Curvy Sewing Collective – and Best Patterns for Curvy Beginners

Blog for Better Sewing

Did You Make That?

Katie meant to rec – Oona Balloona

Wild Olive’s Holiday Stitching Club

Women Superhero Fabric


Fic Recs

From the_oscar_cat:

Invincible by Grable424 (Kingsman Vid)

Ain’t Going Back by Voordeel (Kingsman Vid)

20% Cooler by Sivandivan (Kingsman Vid)

I found by Moonfootshaw (Kingsman Hartwin Vid)

I bet my life by Mithborien (Teen Wolf Vid)

Miss Jackson by bradcpuvids (CATWS Stucky vid)

Steve Rogers and Kim Kardashian by drop-deaddream (mcu/rl ficlet)

Chris Evans/Tyler Hoechlin ficlets (1) (2) by itslaurastone (rps Explicit)

Susan and Narnia by Ink-splotch (Narnia meta)

still from *that* cut scene from Kingsman via Fideliant

From Lazulus:

Postcards from Golgotha by Kariye  (MCU stucky explicit)
Wing and a Prayer by Sholio (MCU gen)