Episode 8 – Christmas 2016

Annnndd… we’re back!

Lazulus and theoscarcat talk about all things Christmas! And some how we get it recorded and out of the door before Christmas day! Go us!


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This month we recced:

Clunkie by Basingstoke

Remains by

four and twenty lovebirds (baked in a pie) by

The article on Kin Keeping that theoscarcat was talking about (the article talks about Mum’s but as the comments point out, this is a problem for pretty much all women)

Jane Eyre read by Thandie Newton

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz read by Lin Manuel Miranda

Scenes from a Marriage: The Long Road Home by Speranza


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Next month we’ll be talking about making stuff.

Episode 3 – Making things, and big load of recs

Welcome to the third episode of Our Friday Call. This month Lazulus and theoscarcat have been out and about – first to a yarn festival – Fibre East, and then for their annual pilgrimage to the Festival of Quilts, where they promptly ignore the quilts, and go buy fabric instead.

Good times.


Download here.

Knitting Recs:

Fibre East

Ravelry – aka the mothership

Want to learn to knit? If you can’t find a knitter to teach you, then youtube is your friend.

Understanding Varigated Yarns – skeinyarn.com

Hand-dyed yarn and the importance of alternating skeins – skeinyarn.com

Katie’s knitting Ashburn by Melanie Berg

Jaq often knits Clapotis by Kate Gilbert


My Life in Knitwear


Sewing Recs:

Festival of Quilts

The Eternal Maker – where we spend the vast majority of our money at the show

The Curvy Sewing Collective – and Best Patterns for Curvy Beginners

Blog for Better Sewing

Did You Make That?

Katie meant to rec – Oona Balloona

Wild Olive’s Holiday Stitching Club

Women Superhero Fabric


Fic Recs

From the_oscar_cat:

Invincible by Grable424 (Kingsman Vid)

Ain’t Going Back by Voordeel (Kingsman Vid)

20% Cooler by Sivandivan (Kingsman Vid)

I found by Moonfootshaw (Kingsman Hartwin Vid)

I bet my life by Mithborien (Teen Wolf Vid)

Miss Jackson by bradcpuvids (CATWS Stucky vid)

Steve Rogers and Kim Kardashian by drop-deaddream (mcu/rl ficlet)

Chris Evans/Tyler Hoechlin ficlets (1) (2) by itslaurastone (rps Explicit)

Susan and Narnia by Ink-splotch (Narnia meta)

still from *that* cut scene from Kingsman via Fideliant

From Lazulus:

Postcards from Golgotha by Kariye  (MCU stucky explicit)
Wing and a Prayer by Sholio (MCU gen)